Explore Basic Plans

Basic Plans

All of our basic plans have a recurring monthly fee associated with them. This includes the payment of your website hosting
which gives you access to our support just in case something goes wrong or you just need help settings up your new email account.
We want you to know we’ve got your back

Why Choose a BASIC PLAN

Low Monthly Fee

Cash flow is important when your a small business so we take a small monthly fee to cover the costs to build you a website and provide you with website hosting and emails accounts.

Top Quality

You will receive a high quality service from us. Once we have outlined your requirements we will help you to achieve them.

Highly Efficient

We will make sure that the money you are paying us is being used efficiently. We account for every minute we work on your project.

Great Support

Our support team will be on hand to assist you with any questions you may have or resolve any problems you may be having. Unlike some other companies we offer phone support as well as online and email.

How Does It Work ?

At Kizzi we want to make your life easy by giving you some of the best options we think would benefit your company.
By choosing one of Kizzi’s predefined plans it will help us to provide you with the best possible
service without the worry of incurring on going expensive fees.

1. Pick a Plan
Select your plan that best fits your requirements.
2. Select Complementing Services
Continue to checkout or select other services to help complement your basic plan.
3. Pick a Payment Option
Register your details with us and pay for your plan which will be setup within a couple of hours.

Award Winning Features

Highly Responsive Websites

Every website we build or theme provide you with will be contstructed using the latest web design techniques available to us. We will make sure that your website can be viewed well on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Scalable Website Hosting

As your website grows so will the demand for additional storage space or email accounts. Our web hosting service allows you to easily upgrade at any time without it affecting your existing setup.

Essential Support

You may need help setting up an email account or a small tweak making on your website. We are on hand to help with any eventuality and your dedicated team of professionals ready to help your bussiness move forward.